SEO Services

Getting your SEO right.

Having worked on many websites, Niris have many years expertise in the SEO field. We are now able to provide the following services.


Niris use only recommended 'White Hat' SEO techniques in any development undertaken, according to Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Here are some useful SEO links so you can investigate your site in terms of SEO yourself - SEO Tools.

Search Engine Optimisation

Niris will investigate your website and provide a SEO report, detailing:-

- Current website overview and analysis.

- Recommendations.

- Further considerations (future website direction/usage)

After discussions with you Niris will use SEO techniques to improve your website's search engine rankings. Implementation costs vary considerably, based on number of pages, if the site is dynamic (asp/php) and if so, how well constructed it is (ease/time of development).

Active SEO Management

Niris will actively manage your website SEO. We will look to:-

- Build quality links to your site.

- Update meta content and recommend content changes to refine your site.

- Provide search result update reports.

Web advertising campaigns can also be developed and run under this monthly management service, if so required.