Our software products.

Here you can find several utilities that we have produced which may be of interest. Click on the individual product link for more information and downloads.


The majority of these utilities are provided free for personal use if downloaded directly from this site. A license is required to redistribute any of these utilities directly or to embed them in- or link them to- another program. Our EULA can be found here. If you are interested in licensing any of the utilities please contact If you have any suggestions or find any problems please email


Game Profile - Shut windows services to free resources.

Quick Replace - Test replacement utility.

File Split - Split files for disks, memory cards, etc.

Printer Manager - Add/edit/delete printers, ports and drivers. Printer Manager is now hosted over at PrinterUtils.

Printer Message - Alter the 'Ready' message on a printer. Printer Message is now hosted over at PrinterUtils.