Website Creation Guide

Things to remember when creating a website.

I've been doing a lot of web work recently, either creating new sites, improving them with some search engine optimization (SEO), or just adding new content. I thought it would be a good idea to jot down all the things that i do, or should consider, so that i can use this guide for future sites.

1) The website itself, the most important thing! Make sure that you have plenty of unique content on your site, choose something that interests you and what other people might like to know. Of course it helps if there isnt any similar sites out there as well, so see whats out there first.

2) Right basic web construction techniques:-

  • Choose a descriptive domain name.
  • Check that your site will work on any browser (use -
  • Fill in your metatags (look at the source of this page for an idea).
  • Make sure all images have an ALT tag.
  • Make your pages have useful names.
  • Use sensible colours and layout so that the site is easy to read and navigate.
  • Keep any adverts to a minimum so that they are not intrusive to your visitor. No popups or annoying adverts, you want them to come back!
  • And of course make sure your content is well written.
  • 3) Submit your site to search engines:-

  • Go to google, yahoo and msn, and submit your site for free.
  • Use a free website submission service to submit to others.
  • Create a sitemap at google and at bing.
  • 4) Adverts/Advertising - Worth looking at google adwords to promote your site (if you have a commercial outlook), can setup an advertising campaign for a few pence a day. On the other hand if you wish to create revenue from your visitors check their Adsense program to display adverts on your site..

    5) Get other 'good' & 'relevant' sites to link to you. If your site is good then more than likely if you email those sites they will add a link to you.

    6) SEO - Further optimisation can be made by studying keywords on your pages, how the search engines are viewing your site and how you are rated by serveral methods, use SEO Tools page for such resources.

    If you spot any error or have any suggestions, please drop me an email at